Sunday, June 26, 2005

Asian AIF Festival 2005 Info and Invitation

Hola amigos, amigas, and pelicula consumers and makers,
I've emailed the invitation below to everyone on my mailing list, and posted it on other listservs, postings, street telephone poles, basketball player's forearms, airplane with a smoke thingy, even tried smoke signals. If I can get 28 doves, pigeons, or the underappreciated crows, I would make them circle the city and spell out the details too. Some unionized, some freelancers. Anyway, so I thought if anyone accidentally stumbles upon my humble blog...wham..another invitation. As they say, you can't buy publicity like this. So here it goes again. Some of the information may be already...ahem...informed before, but I can't edit them out now. I've got sandwich boards to write on.
Oh, yes...I'll be back with more 'History of Pretty' and will be posting photos from the production. Oh yeah! ----------------------------Here is the posting.--------

Hello everyone,
I am delighted to invite you all to my short DV film screening at the 28th Asian American International Film Festival (I call it 'the festival with a filmmaker's heart') this coming July 22nd, Friday @ 6:30 pm. Read on for details.


Genre: Drama/Mystery

Running Time: 25 minutes

Cast:Guenia Lemos as Stacey
Don Downie as Mark
and Jennifer Riker as Josie

Written, produced and directed by Shabbir Emon Hassan

Synopsis: "Two women find each other at an art gallery one afternoon. A week later, they find themselves in a bloody mess."

Tickets go on sale JUNE 27th.PRETTY is part of the 'MANY FACES of EVE' themed program (running time 98 minutes)

July 22nd, Friday @ 6:30 pmTix Price: $10 (for whole program with several short films)

Tix can be purchased by phone at 212-327-9385

or FAX: 212-517-8315 (attn: AAIFF BOX OFFICE)

Program Code for PRETTY: ASMANY

Screening location:
28th Asian American International Film Festival

Asia Society and Museum

725 Park Avenue @ 70 Street

To find out about other cool shorts programs and features at the AAIFF 2005
or call 212-989-1422

If you have questions about moi movie, please email me. I'll see you at the screening.

thanking you all,


Blogger Don Downie said...

I'll be there with bells on -- I probably won't have slept for a week, so I'll need the bells to keep me awake, anyway.

Nice blog site, Emon!

I'm very fond of the tagline: "Two women find each other at an art gallery one afternoon. A week later, they find themselves in a bloody mess." This is a film I want to see!


6/27/2005 11:47:00 AM  

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