Saturday, August 13, 2005

'Flashforward' on PRX (click here)

This is a great radio example of my current movie project concept. I had to explain CUNY TV how a radio drama is put together. Well, actually I was supposed to just do an interview. Instead, I told them I would show the whole process while they were there. So I wrote two pages of this play the night before. Just dialogue and no SFX cue, music cue whatsoever. While writing, I was listening to 'Enchanted Lake' from 'Swan Lake'. I thought why not use it somehow.

We recorded it the next day. The actors did their lines. It was quick, and CUNY TV folks were recording.

As I sat down to edit it afterwards, I looked through the list of SFX and started to add all those other elements in the play. The music worked nicely, but I needed to add more to the words and spacing. CUNY TV decided to not stick around for the whole thing. So I had a chance to experiment a little more with the play.

Therefore, all the other SFX and ideas you'll hear were employed during editing. Not a new concept, but nonetheless for me it was a tiny groundbreaking moment.

Although nothing prepared me for the next play.


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