Friday, August 19, 2005

Pre-Production Over

Vacation is over for moi. As you can see, folks, I have not been posting much about the pre-production lately. What do you care, anyway? But, the fact is, storyboarding, shot listing, and...what?...oh yes, I haven't been storyboarding and shot listing...funny, the dream seemed so vivid. I did do some fun least one out of three.
From this point on, the progress of the shoot will not be posted in detail. It will just be 'Good Day' or 'Bad Day'...although I doubt the latter is likely. Whatever happens, will happen for a reason and I want to use it for the shoot...good or bad. Ready for your close-up, Mr. Scorsese...there I am with, what my good friend Kurt calls, 'Shabby' jokes...get it? my first name?...never mind...I have to stop doing that to readers...all one and half of you (Pause, author slaps himself). Hurts.


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