Tuesday, August 30, 2005

'Untitled' Diary--Part One

Project Conception: Sometime in June

Project Summary: Two Week Shoot. Find the film during shoot and post. Largely improvised with actors working from and with given characters.

Reason: Didn't have a script when booking equipment. Had to use the opportunity.

Who to thank for project support: Prof. Katherine Fry and Prof. Frederick Wasser.

Who to thank for equipment support: George Casturani.

Who to thank for equipment and training: My good friend Kurt Odenwald.

Who to thank for having the balls to do the project: Um...you know.
Equipment booked: June 23, 2005

Equipment approved:

Panasonic AG-DVX 100A, two shotgun mics, two Lavalier mics, one Mole Richardson 4*200 watt Tweenies, one Rifa-Lite, one field mixer, a Quad box, a Fishpole, two headphones, two XLR cable, two AC cord, reflector, 2 floor mics.

Equipment eventually picked up:

Everything except Tweenies. In addition took tripod, light dimmer.

Equipment eventually used for entire shoot:

Camera and one shotgun mic. Also used tripod, one floor mic, one Lavalier mic, and couple of blue gels...but rarely.

Bought from hardware store:

A clamp-on reflector for $6.99, a Sylvania 65W flood light and a 100W clear bulb for use in a couple of scenes.

What did I do for lighting:

Used mostly available lighting, and whatever lamps and lamp like things.

Locations used for shoot:


Locations initially planned:

Close to 8 or 9, including Central and Fort Tryon Park, a cemetary, and a car interior.


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