Friday, December 30, 2005

Born On The 28th of February? And A List of Famous People Who Are

So, were you born on this date? Do you know of anyone who was? With nothing better to do, I'd recently created a group where all members would have the same birthday. (Click on the title to join that group)

Do all Feb 28-ers think alike? Who are they, how are they, where are they, and why are they? Is there a pattern? Is there really a connection between all who share the same Zodiac sign, being this precise?

I guess we'll find out some day. But first, it'd be great to know where everyone is. How many of 'us' are out there, do you think? I gues I am interested in finding a pattern, if there is one.

Now, wouldn't it be great if a whole lot of us who have the same birthday meet at one place for our birthday? Maybe we can do that and get in the Guiness Book of World Records.

One giant birthday card. One giant candle. One monstrous cake. A birthday party so big we'd have to rent a small town! Oh, the dreams we have.

So wanna know who else (famous, not so famous) shares our birthday?

Here is a random list

Linus Pauling (scientist) 1901--Two time Nobel Prize Winner. Considered one of the greatest Chemists of the 20th Century.====Brian Jones (musician) 1940 -- of the ginormous Rolling Stones====John Turturro (actor) 1957====Bernadette Peters (actor) 1948====Mercedes Ruehl (actor) 1948====Mike Figgis (filmmaker) 1948====Mario Andretti (speed racer) 1940====Milton Caniff (cartoonist) 1907 -- creator of newspaper comics 'Terry and The Pirates (1934 and 'Steve Canyon (1947). [The term 'Dragon Lady' comes from a character of his in 'Pirates'.]====Dorothy Stratten (model/actor) 1960====Ali Larter (actor) 1976 [my exact birthday match--moderator]====Smarty Jones (thoroughbred) 2001 -- this horse was all over the news. As well it should be.====Michel de Montaigne (French Philosopher) 1533====Berthold Auerbach (novelist) 1812====Ernest Renan was (French Philosopher) 1823====Ben Hecht (Novelist, Auhtor, Playwright) 1893====Vincente Minnelli (filmmaker) 1903====Tom Aldredge (actor) 1928 [most recently in COLD MOUNTAIN]====Tommy Tune (actor) 1939====Alice May Brock (author, restaurateur) 1941====Gilbert Gottfried (comedian) 1955====Rae Dawn Chong (actor/director) 1962====Rory Cochrane (actor) 1972 [most recently 'Hart's War]====Tangi Miller (actor) 1974 [Felicity]====Daniel Handler (author) 1970 -- Lemony Snicket series====Robert Sean Leonard (actor) 1969====Sarah Bolger (actor) 1991 -- [played Christy in 'In America']====David Esparza (sound editor) 1978 [recent works, The Pink Panther, The Ringer, Shopgirl]====Guy Maddin (filmmaker) 1956 [recent film Saddest Music in the World w/I. Rossellini]====Jennifer Kapoor (actor/desinger) 1934 [married Indian star Shashi Kapoor]====Frank Gehry (Architect) 1929====Charles Durning (actor) 1928====Saul Zaentz (producer) 1921 [The English Patient, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest]====Zero Mostel (actor) 1915 [The Producers, The Front]====Don McGuire (screenwriter) 1919 [Tootsie]====Bugsy Siegel (businessman?) 1906






I'm sure these lists don't even scratch the surface, but it's a great start.
Again, click on the title of this blog to sign up with the group. It's FREE.


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