Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jazz It Up

I don't know why I keep using the term you see in the title, but it kinda has a nice buzz to it, doesn't it?
Anyway, spend a good amount of time trying to decorate my new baby, the Sound Minds blog site. To be able to search Google, IMDb,,,, and be able to check your full weather forecast from the same page! I'm scatting and be-bopping all over the place (paraphrasing a little known character from Seinfeld here...goes by the name...Geo...if I have to finish that for you to know have never owned a TV set or, if you did...oh never mind that).

Now, you may ask, what the hell does checking the weather have to do with a site for audio folks? You're seriously asking me that? Now I'm upset.

Nah, just screwing with you. Although I am upset. Not at your asking me anything? But for wasting the past 6 minutes trying to be clever and witty and classy. Instead, now, right at this moment, that is...let's 11:09 pm...I sit here a pity fool for being the wordsmith without a Thesaurus.

Sure, laugh at me all you want, but this pity may have made searching for truth an easier task for some audiophile who has but a few minutes to spare, but many Walter Murch related sources to find out while being absolutely articulate about his feeling, in writing, and with some class. And what did (s)he ever do differently?
(S)he simply clicked here

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MySpacing Like Hell

You can avoid signing up with MySpace all you want, it will get to you eventually. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Let me get right to it. I'm doing this blog thing regularly (with a few months in between) and have just set up a new blog called Sound Minds which is basically a site for all things sound. There'll be articles, resources, free scriptwriting software links, tips, tutorials and all sorts of goodies. Everyone working with sound to tell stories are welcome and contribute to the blog. At some point I wish to have original content but for now, I'll happily link away. Just presented my first post about an article Walter Murch wrote for Transom and other thoughts on sound design. You know, the usual babble I chew out.
Hope you check it out and write me with ideas, suggestions, and, most of all, with your undying support.

We have to talk about how Sound Minds. Well it all started with my own personal page on MySpace. Then it went on to my creating a page for Hassberry Theatre Company on MySpace. Then I thought, "Why the hell stop there?" Hence the creation of Audio Theatre League, an idea for a centralized group for all audio theatre companies, professionals, and audiophiles of the world. We'll promote, network, share, debate, discuss and hopefully send hate IMs to each other over the use of pop filters and how Orson used to do it back then.

So there it is. All about my space on MySpace.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Year Later

Exactly a year later I mail it out, stamped with thousands of hours of my time, patience and nights staying awake working with it. Sometimes I'd stay away from it for weeks, afraid of it, but then I'd be longing to find it an audience, for others to see it taking its first steps and breathing its first adult air. I see it stand own its own now and feel proud as a papa...might feel. I'm not a papa yet, but you don't need to be one to feel proud. Kinda weird, I must admit, to do this exactly a year later. It was unplanned. Maybe it's predicting something, who knows. Katrina happened the same exact day too. The very same day.

Last week watched 'When The Levees Broke.' Spike Lee has made a doc masterpiece. And Blanchard's music...did what the images and words could not.

Back to 'it.' Let's see what happens to it in a month or two. That's all I'm willing to share...hoping 'it' finds what it's looking for. ;)