Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jazz It Up

I don't know why I keep using the term you see in the title, but it kinda has a nice buzz to it, doesn't it?
Anyway, spend a good amount of time trying to decorate my new baby, the Sound Minds blog site. To be able to search Google, IMDb,,,, and be able to check your full weather forecast from the same page! I'm scatting and be-bopping all over the place (paraphrasing a little known character from Seinfeld here...goes by the name...Geo...if I have to finish that for you to know have never owned a TV set or, if you did...oh never mind that).

Now, you may ask, what the hell does checking the weather have to do with a site for audio folks? You're seriously asking me that? Now I'm upset.

Nah, just screwing with you. Although I am upset. Not at your asking me anything? But for wasting the past 6 minutes trying to be clever and witty and classy. Instead, now, right at this moment, that is...let's 11:09 pm...I sit here a pity fool for being the wordsmith without a Thesaurus.

Sure, laugh at me all you want, but this pity may have made searching for truth an easier task for some audiophile who has but a few minutes to spare, but many Walter Murch related sources to find out while being absolutely articulate about his feeling, in writing, and with some class. And what did (s)he ever do differently?
(S)he simply clicked here


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